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20% Less Expensive than Fiber Drums
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Reducing your packaging costs by 20% is one reason to switch to AmeriGlobe’s Freestanding Drum Bag, but it is not the only reason. While our fiber drum alternative certainly has a lower unit price, it also saves money in many other ways. Our FreeStanding Drum Bag has a 92% empty storage and receipt advantage. The lower weight, coupled with the compressibility, substantially reduces landfill costs. AmeriGlobe offers a recyclable version to help your company meet its Green Initiatives.

Some companies offer a drum bag that is basically a very small bulk bag. That bag requires vertical support to be filled. This often necessitates a change in the filling equipment. AmeriGlobe’s Patent Pending FreeStanding Drum Bag does just the opposite. It stands by itself to be filled so no special equipment is needed. The set-up is simple. The operator picks up a one pound bag, opens it up, and it is ready to fill.

AmeriGlobe's FreeStanding Drum Bag WILL reduce your packaging costs. Contact us today to set-up your free trial.
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