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2 High Or 3 High, The Choice Is Yours

One of the main benefits of fiber drums is their ability to be stacked. This ability is derived from their rigid sides. Our FreeStanding drum bags can be safely stacked as well; however, they do require the right pallet, a pallet that has enough bottom slats to ensure that the drum bags do not migrate up between the bottom pallet slats.

If you want to stack two high, then you simply stack two pallets of FreeStanding Drum Bags on each other. To stack three high then we suggest you use either our 4-Pack, bellyband or stretch wrap.

The bellyband and stretch wrap options are straight forward. Your operators simply fill the drum bags and make sure that the bottoms of the bags are all snuggly pushed together. The bags are then either stretch wrapped together or cinched together with a belly band to form a single unit. With the right pallet, this allows for three high stacking.

The simplest way to unitize them is by using the 4-Pack. With this method each set of four drum bags comes to you in a premade base. They are held in the proper position to fill and stack using Velcro. Your operators simply open a 4-Pack and set it on the filling deck. It is then ready to be filled and afterwards, stacked three high.

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