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92% Space Savings

space needed for empty drum bags versus fiber drums

Besides being significantly less expensive than fiber drums, our FreeStanding Drum bags require 92% less space when empty. Your warehouse team is likely unloading between 320 and 520 empty fiber drums from each truck. AmeriGlobe’s alternative allows your team to unload pallets holding between 250 and 350 FreeStanding Drum Bags. This saves you immense amounts of warehouse space that can be used for other items.

These space savings are possible because unlike the rigid fiber drum, our drum bags are flexible. This flexibility allows them to be efficiently compressed for shipment and storage.

We also proportionally reduce the number of pallets that have to be handled by your team. Imagine the labor savings of unloading one truckload of 13,000 drum bags on 40 pallets instead of 40 truckloads of fiber drums.

pallets of empty drum bags
Pallets of empty FreeStanding Drum bags. 340 drums each
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