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After your customer uses the FreeStanding Drum bags there are three options:
  • Landfill
  • Recycle
  • Refurbishing

With all three choices, the low weight and compressibility give AmeriGlobe’s FreeStanding Drum bag a distinct advantage.

Landfilling typically costs $250 per ton which is less than 200 fiber drums or more than 2,000 FreeStanding Drum bags. It is also significantly easier to compress the flexible drum bag, compared to the rigid fiber drum.

If you plan to recycle your packaging the fiber drum not only has issues with weight, it is also difficult to disassemble. The AmeriGlobe’s FreeStanding Drum bag has no such issues. We have a 100% recyclable version that you just bale for recycling. No lid or base to remove. No metal to deal with. No drum to crush.

Finally, if you want to extend the life of your packaging, AmeriGlobe offers a refurbishing option. We have a facility that will inspect, clean, repair and recertify used drum bags that held non-hazardous products. Any bags that are rejected are sent to a recycler so they never reach a landfill

For all three options, the FreeStanding Drum Bag’s storage advantage again reduces the amount of space that has to be reserved to store and ship the empty containers.

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